Top 10 Ways Having a Mobile App Will Grow Your Business

Top 10 Ways Having a Mobile App Will Grow Your Business

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Most business owners are under the impression that having a powerful mobile app in the apple and google play stores is too pricey and only a luxury for large companies. While that may have been the case several years ago, now even smaller companies are seeing incredible return on their investment in mobile apps.  No matter how you look at it, the world is addicted to mobile phones, most adults spend 4 hours a day on their mobile device (almost exclusively on apps). 

Yes, some developers will try to charge $100,000 or more to build native mobile apps, but these days, getting an incredible native mobile app built with tons of powerful features doesn’t have to break the bank. Simply put, your business needs an app. Having a functional Twitter and Facebook is great, but it is no longer enough. A properly built app can be your best social selling machine, and make no mistake, mobile apps are social!

Your website is for visibility, but your mobile app is for growing. The right app will help you in five major areas:

  • Online Sales
  • Promotion
  • Engagement
  • Support
  • Admin

Here are 10 reasons how mobile apps will grow your business:

  1. 1 Better Direct Marketing

    Most "Gurus" will tell you the money is in the list, then try to get you to buy an expensive autoresponder for hundreds a month. Unfortunately, you quickly learn growing your list is hard, and people rarely open your emails, let alone take action.

    The right mobile app fix this. With all of our at mobile apps you are able to send and schedule push notifications directly to everyone who has your app, generating a 99% open rate. These push notifications can include news feeds, promotions, new features, new products, almost anything you want! This gives you a huge advantage not only over your email campaigns, but most importantly, over your competition. 

  2. 2 Brand Recognition

    Make no mistake, building brand recognition can be a tricky part of your marketing strategy. Having a website is important for showing up when people are looking for a business but having a properly built mobile app will exponentially bridge the gap between simply finding you and creating loyalty. The key is effective frequency, which is the advertising principle that customers need to see a brand over 20 times before it is truly noticed. Utilizing the power of loyalty rewards and well-timed push notifications will do just that. By increasing your brand recognition, when an app user requires a service/product you offer, they will instinctively choose you over your competition.

  3. 3 Referrals

    Obviously entire books could be written on the power of referral marketing, and any good business app will include some type of referral system. With a properly built app, you are essentially turning your app users into your own personal sales team. So not only will they be subconsciously pulled back to you over your competition because they have referred you to the people they know, but here are just a few benefits of the person being referred:

    • Improved customer retention (retaining customers is drastically less expensive than engaging new customers)
    • Increased marketing reach
    • Customers trust referrals (Four times more likely to buy when referred by a friend
    • Referred customers have a higher lifetime value (on average 25% more due to being referred by a peer)
    • Better ROI (small incentives and loyalty programs for referrals can be one of the most cost-effective way to advertise)
  4. 4 Loyalty

    Repeat customers are the best customers! the question then becomes, how do you increase loyalty? A good business app will have several tools for this. For example, we utilize multiple different loyalty programs:

    • Spend Based Rewards - i.e. 5% cash back into their account

    • Submit a Receipt - Proof of spend rebate

    • Points accumulated - Redeem points on certain items in store

    • Refer a Friend - When friend spends money, referrer gets rewarded

    • Coupons - Buy coupons/ gift vouchers and pass on as a gift or present

    • VIP Rewards - End of year spend accumulation…..get cash back

    • Loyalty Punch Card - i.e. Buy 5 pizzas...get the sixth FREE

    • Scratch & Win - cash or in-store prizes

    and much more.

    A good mobile app will also include geo-fencing. Geo-fencing is a location-based tool built into native apps that will automatically send push notifications to the app user when they enter an area, such as your business parking lot or neighborhood (or that of your competition). 

  5. 5 Visibility

    We all know social media can be a great tool, but it used to be even better. Unfortunately, these days, after you spent countless hours and dollars getting targeted customers to "like" your page, now less than 10% actually see your posts unless you spend more money. A good mobile app reaches more for less, which will lead to better conversions and higher engagements. Not only should you be allowed to send notifications at peak times, but you would be able to share all of your media without having to pay extra for your followers to see it.

  6. 6 Engagement

    Better engagement results in more sales and higher customer satisfaction. If you are unreachable, you risk not only losing new sales, but losing customers completely. Having an app will allow a place for customers to post their comments, orders, questions, and complaints. It also makes the booking/ordering procedure more secure and much simpler. Most people get easily discouraged by lengthy procedures, and most of the time find it simpler to click the "back" button rather than the "next" button. With a good app, that can be avoided. 

    You will have increased response time, less complaints, more repeat customers, and higher revenue.

  7. 7 Stand Out

    Being set apart from your competitors cannot be emphasized enough. Having an app for your business is still rare and definitely adds validity and professionalism to your business. By the time your competitors are realizing its importance, you will have already overtaken the market and built the loyalty. 

    Native mobile apps are fast, easy, and simple to operate and that is something that can be used to your businesses advantage. Products and services at a push of a button, easy scheduling linked to everyone's calendar, customized ordering, and so much more. 

  8. 8 Admin

    Growing your business isn't always just about your customers. Making things easier for your employees plays a huge role as well. Our apps help you manage this better as well. using our geo-fencing, employees can be sent notifications to clock-in directly from your app and automatically be clocked out when they leave. Employee schedules can be managed and posted making everyone's life easier. You can also use the app as your own follow up reminders for your sales team, with built in to-do lists and calendar.

  9. 9 Compliment Your Website

    As stated, a website can attract new clients if properly optimized, but a mobile app creates customers. Unlike websites that slow down when more people are online, native mobile apps are built and loved by apple and google using their framework, so they are the fastest available. To have all of the functionality on a website that you could have in an app, the monthly software fees would be outrageous, and the plugins would only slow your site down even more. 

    The best strategy is to have a website and app that complement each other. Our apps take advantage of this by integrating key features of your site, such as your blogs, videos, or other important features directly into your app, making it a seamless experience with the added benefits of the single click of an icon to get started.

    Do not limit yourself to what marketers refer to as the "buy and bye" phenomenon, which is what generally happens on your website. Utilize your app to keep them coming back.

  10. 10 Everyone Has Went Mobile

    Obviously not every person on the planet has a mobile device, but it's safe to say that your target audience does. It has been over 5 years since the number of mobile device users surpassed the number of desktop users and that trend is not slowing down. As stated, most adults spend an average of 4 hours a day on their mobile device, mostly on mobile apps. If you fail to take advantage of this, you will certainly be left behind.

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