Exciting Facts That Prove Tote Bags Are Awesome!

Do you remember the time when you bought a cute little bag online and took it out only to realize that it serves the purpose of carrying your most basic items like

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Tote bags have a deep-rooted history, suggesting that it has been around for many years. If we go back into the past, we understand that the word “tote” means to carry, and dates back to as early as the 17th century. Back in the days, tote-bags would serve the purpose of carrying important items like documents, coins, and more.

Needless to say, it was in a tote bag that Christopher Columbus first started his expedition to America. It was a tote bag that miraculously saved the life of Pope John Paul II when he was shot, and it was a tote bag that removed the plague during the middle ages. 

Almost after a century, the term tote slowly but gradually began to shift from a verb to a noun. In 1940, tote bags were replaced by iced bags suggesting that they carried the same functions and became a popular fashion statement among the masses.

Some facts that prove why custom tote bags are better than others are as follows:

1) Great for Customization

Tote bags make a great customization product. Their flat nature makes them a very convenient choice for customers to get it embroidered or printed with any design or technique. You can easily place custom tote bags into printing machines and get yourself a fantastic product with your desired artwork or logo in minutes.

2) They are Incredibly Cheap

Since tote bags are made from simple materials and their designing element is relatively easy in comparison to the other bags, they are incredibly cheap. Even the tote bags from top brands are not much expensive and have a nominal price affordable by anyone. The best thing about custom tote bags is that they create a fashion statement making it both luxury and casual at the same time.

3) Suitable For Advertising

Tote bags are the talk of the town at corporate events possibly, due to two distinctive reasons:

  • They are convenient enough for attendees to place all their giveaways and fliers in a single place.
  • They hold a significant position in supporting logos and artwork for branding and advertising.

Some people may argue with the fact custom tote bags are better than T-shirts at promotional events, mainly because you can easily store your desired goods in them, also because they are sturdy making them an effective promotional gift for the customers.

5) They are Organic & Eco-Friendly

A majority of the tote bags are made using recycled materials, making them environment efficient for use. Some people believe that tote bags are an ideal replacement for plastic bags as they can be recycled and used multiple times.

6) Compliments Any Outfit

Despite having so many benefits, tote bags are a popular fashion product and go together with any outfit. Wear them at the beach, travelling, gym, and even at your workplace.

7) Popular Among Both Men & Women

If you think that tote bags are just for women, then you are completely wrong. Tote bags have been around for centuries and have held an important position as a popular product among men. Men usually wear leather-based tote bags that are unique and provide a wide range of convenience. You can carry out all the important items and carry it everywhere, anywhere.

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